It could be your daughter...

What do you report?

Report who the victims are and give information to track down criminals.

Is a victim a prostitute?

  • the workplace of the prostitute
  • age (estimate)
  • link to an online advertisement or advertisement number
  • name and telephone number in the advertisment
  • what hours does she work?
  • who organises the appointments? (middle person)
  • who is paid?
  • features of dominant pimps
  • identifiable features
  • amount for which sex is offered
  • contact details of the owner of the property

Is a victim underage?

  • residential address
  • age (estimate)
  • is it a permanent address or does someone often move house
  • who does she regularly go out with
  • her telephone number and her contacts
  • outdoor activities
  • when is she gone and where does she go?

Do you know more?

  • background of the prostitute (which country does she come from)
  • Pimp’s contact details (phone number / address)
  • which ways is the prostitute dependant?
  • what are the pimp’s conditions and for what price?
  • is she being blackmailed (for example through debt or is her family threatened)

What do you report?

Report to us who the victims are, and pass on information to track down the criminals.

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“It isn’t realistic to expect that victims will report themselves.”


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“The reports will be handled very carefully so do not be guided by fear.”


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