It could be your daughter...

How does M. work?

You call an experienced employee who is trained to retain your anonymity. They will carefully test to make sure that reports do not negatively affect you. Information that leads back to you is not included in the report.

Doubts about your report? You can also call for a consultation without a specific complaint. You can report via 0800 – 7000 or

M. is anonymous

  • M. is independant (no police)
  • M. doesn’t see your telephone number
  • M. does not record your message
  • M. does not see your IP address
  • do you inadvertently say who you are, these details are not recorded by M.
  • your name and address are not known by M., the police or the perpetrator

What do you report?

Report to us who the victims are, and pass on information to track down the criminals.

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“It isn’t realistic to expect that victims will report themselves.”


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“The reports will be handled very carefully so do not be guided by fear.”


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