It could be your daughter...

Warning signs for clients

Not every prostitute is, but if she is a victim, there is only a small chance that she will report it. Therefore, reporting is crucial to help victims.

Do you know a prostitute who:

  • sleeps at her workplace
  • works for a price that seems too low
  • must work very long hours
  • works without a condom
  • works in an isolated place and in a bad environment (cellar, car date, holiday park)
  • has a pimp who has constant control over her
  • has children (close to the room she works in)
  • is possibly underage
  • has visible wounds
  • is under a lot of stress
  • is not self reliant
  • is not able to communicate well (language barrier, incompetent)
  • looks unhealthy

What do you report?

Report to us who the victims are, and pass on information to track down the criminals.

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“It isn’t realistic to expect that victims will report themselves.”


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“The reports will be handled very carefully so do not be guided by fear.”


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