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Trust and professional confidentiality

The relationship between social worker and client is based on trust. Reporting abuse can be seen as a violation of that trust. You have to proceed carefully.

Remember that a victim will only be saved from a situation if abuse is addressed and criminals are tracked down. This is why it is necessary that the police and legal workers are informed. Medical workers and other professionals are able to breach professional confidentiality in the event of immediate danger or serious harm to the victim - such as assault - and there is no other way to avert this danger ( conflict of duties ).

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Reports are handled very carefully…”

Jolanda Bergsma Consultant MEE-Veluwe Ketenaanpak Youth Prostitution

Youth works sometimes encounter victims that act shy and are unsure about reporting to the police. People are afraid for their own safety and rely on the trust of the young person. We see that in health care institutions, solutions are often sought internally with hardly any contact with the police. This may lead to number of (potential) victims not being identified and leads to broader approach with a number of agencies in the way. Therefore, we give training to youth workers and refer others to M.

I was also always afraid of the losing control of a case if I reported it. Really, if the safety of the possible victim is in doubt, then you are correct to report it. Then, information between care workers and police can be exchanged in an informed manner. Anonymous reporting is one way this can be one. Reports are carefully handled. You do not need to be guided by fear. If you have knowledge of a crime then you should not be silent. Make sure you share the case with an expert.”

Reporting abuse? Just do it!”

Heleen Driessen Project prostitutie ver­trouwens­vrouw Amsterdam from P&292

I have worked for many years as a social worker for sex workers and have often reported abuse. That’s why I don’t experience any more dilemmas. Of course I understand that some colleagues still have dilemmas. Trust is important. The breach of trust is for me, dependant of the level of the abuse. Does a sex worker have a lack of clean towels? That could be solved another way.

However, is he or she a victim of people trafficking? Definitely report it. You can’t leave that decision up to the victim. Reporting to me as a trusted woman or by M. is anonymous. The report can’t be traced back to the person that reported it. And more importantly, it allows you to save the sex worker from a very difficult situation. Are you not able to breach the trust in the relationship, then discuss it with a colleague or with an employee of M. This can be done without immediately reporting something."

What do you report?

Report to us who the victims are, and pass on information to track down the criminals.

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“It isn’t realistic to expect that victims will report themselves.”


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“The reports will be handled very carefully so do not be guided by fear.”


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