It could be your daughter...

Warning signs for caregivers

Not everyone is a victim of loverboys or people trafficking. However, if someone is a victim, then there is only a small chance that they will report it. Report if you observe one or more of these warning signs over a longer period of time.

Warning signs for underage victims

Do you know a young person who:

  • is easily influenced (low self-confidence)
  • seems indoctrinated
  • separates themselves from others
  • often walks away and hangs out on the street
  • exhibits inappropriate sexual behaviour (sexting)
  • has physical problems or often seeks medical help (for wounds, SOA, pregnancy, eating disorders)
  • is often absent from school and gets poor grades
  • receives many phone calls
  • suddenly has a lot of money
  • lies and is unclear how she spends her free time
  • only has contact with her boyfriend and his circle of friends (no peers)
  • is afraid of her boyfriend
  • has a drug problem
  • exhibits criminal behaviour (selling drugs)
  • has dramatically changed their appearance (breast enhancement, tattoos)

Warning signs for victims in prostitution

Do you know a prostitute who:

  • is possibly underage
  • is under a lot of stress (fearful)
  • is visibly wounded
  • has a pimp who constantly controls her
  • does not possess her own passport
  • must work very long hours
  • can not refuse clients
  • works in an isolated place and in a bad environment (cellar, car date, holiday park)
  • sleeps at her workplace
  • doesn’t know her address and doesn’t have a key
  • must hand over a lot of money
  • work if she is sick or after a medical treatment (abortion, breast enlargement)
  • works for a price that seems to low
  • is not able to communicate well (language barrier, incompetent)
  • works without a condom
  • looks unhealthy
  • is being blackmailed (fear of deportation or threats against family in her home country)

What do you report?

Report to us who the victims are, and pass on information to track down the criminals.

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“It isn’t realistic to expect that victims will report themselves.”


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“The reports will be handled very carefully so do not be guided by fear.”


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